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17 February 🧐
In retrospect the choice of title for our #GDR conspiracy thriller, GREEN MAMBA, was quite the mistake. The problem was finding something suitably obscure (which it certainly is) that still had a connection to the story (which it definitely has) and would spark the potential reader‘s interest – and that, we have to admit, it apparently fails to do a lot of the time.
Obviously, the title is in English, which we preferred because the German equivalent, which would also have been possible, of course, sounds… not like much 😂 We were also keen on avoiding Umlaute, so ‘Grüne Mamba’ really was out from the beginning.
Now, the truth is, that there is no real mamba, or any snake, in the book. And it’s set German Democratic Republic, centering around a #conspiracy in the #Stasi ranks, so there is no real reason anyone should expect an English title…
So, yep. The Mamba is, probably, still our favourite book – yet, we did it clearly no favour with this unfortunate title…


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