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July 24 — Share your books was Friday‘s prompt at #CampNaNoOrNot20. Well, we sort of did that before 😅 But let‘s show them again, why not? In the picture you can see our novels in their different incarnations so far— but of course, they‘re all available as eBooks as well! Only our debut has been published in English, but we’re thinking hard about doing the same for the Peter Conrad Mysteries. . Because we’re weird, our chronology has not much to do with the order we wrote the stories in… So, here’s a little run-down, in the right temporal order 😉 Our stand-alone novels (more or less, as there *will* be a sequel to Informium next year): – GREEN MAMBA: A conspiracy thriller set in the GDR, in 1974. The first case that Hauptmann Keller and his assistant Kosminsky worked on together. – INFORMIUM: An archaeological conspiracy adventure, taking place in Egypt, West Berlin and the GDR, in 1988. First story with Peter Conrad and linguist Lisa Franks. The Peter Conrad Mysteries: – DIE ERSTEN (THE FIRST ONES): Conrad takes the place of a dead ethnologist when spectacular Viking remains are found in Canada. – BLUT (BLOOD): After archaeologists opened some graves they might rather have left alone, vampires seem to roam the streets of London. And even Conrad and Franks start to doubt… – MASCHINE (MACHINE): An esoteric sect hides a much darker secret than Lisa Franks expected. Soon, she’s on the run once more — but what from exactly? . Next week our first collective volume IN SITU, containing the first two cases of The Peter Conrad Mysteries, will be published (in German). For those reading German, there’s a good bargain, so if you’re interested make sure to pre-order before August 1 😊 . ✖️ #StillerStiller #StillerBooks #CampNaNoOrNot20 #archaeology #Volkspolizei #vikings #London #vampires #myth #folklore #DDR #indie #1970s #1980s #amwriting #booklist #suspense #ColdWarFiction #PeterConrad #whodunnit #crimefiction #dynamicduo #Krimi #Berlin #Autorenleben #KalterKrieg #ArchäologenalsErmittler #Krimireihe ✖️ @juliascottwrites ✖️ @btleditorial ✖️

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